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How to Choose the Perfect Work Boots

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Work boots are always improving, with newer safety features constantly becoming the norm. Here are some features to look out for when choosing the perfect work boots.

Metatarsal Protection

Many old-style boots, especially those with steel toes, won’t protect your metatarsal bones in case of impact. Metatarsal bones, which connect your toes to your ankle, are very painful when damaged. A fracture in these bones can take up to a few months to heal. It’s best to look for a pair of  met guard boots if falling debris is a possibility on your job site.

Electrical Current Protection

If you are working where an electrical current is present, you want to have  electric hazard rated boots that meet CSA standards for being able to survive and protect you from an electrical shock. There are many occupations that have an element of electrical shock danger, such as construction work, railroad, lineman and countless others. 

Safety Toes

Many boots have safety toes, but you want one that meets ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards F2413- 11 for protective footwear. These standards take into account metrics such as resistance to electricity, compression, and impact. Not all  safety toe boots are created equal.

A Sturdy Outsole

You should look for a boot that has an outer sole that is sturdy and strong. A good outer sole will be able to protect you from  slipping hazards, among others. Some boots only focus on the inner workings of the boots, so keep that in mind.

A Good Fit

Of course, you don’t want a boot that leaves your foot blistered and sore. Make sure that your boots fit comfortably and give your feet some extra room.


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