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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Steel-Toe Boots

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Steel Toe Boots
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Walking is mandatory for most people.

Being ambulatory in a bi-pedal stance is a good thing. Since most of us walk in order to function, retaining the ability to walk is an important function of our day- to- day lives. Having injured or damaged toes and feet curtail the ability to walk, the ability to work and the ability to function at a high level. Not to mention the pain.

Workplace dangers can create havoc for feet.

Some of us have jobs that require protective footwear for our toes and feet. Steel toe shoes or boots are the best first line of defense against dropped objects, heavy machinery that moves and in some cases-irritated critters who are unhappy when we walk near them.

5 Reasons You Should Invest in Steel-Toe Boots

1 - Foot injuries are a common workplace injury. From crushing, to cuts and punctures, the feet take a beating on construction sites, manufacturing sites, mining sites, even agricultural/landscaping jobs.

2 - Your feet are important. Injuring them is more difficult to deal with than hurting a finger or an elbow. Because your feet are the main pivot upon which walking is reliant, foot injuries can cause problems for every aspect of your life

3 -  Steel toe boots and shoes are not ugly, far from it. They come in different styles (work boot, cowboy boot, mountain boot) and colors. There are steel toed boots for men, women and children.

4 - Steel toed footwear is extremely well made and long lasting. Since the main point is to protect your feet, they are often over-built while adding in arch support and cushioning not always found in regular footwear.

5 - Depending on your work site, steel toed boots may be required by law. OSHA has strict regulations about employees wearing steel toed boots on jobs that have lots of heavy machinery and moving parts. If you want to keep your job and your feet intact, you have to wear them.

Steel toed footwear for a happy and safe you.

No matter what your reason for wearing steel toed boots, you and your feet are worth it. Avoid lost work time and the inability to walk by purchasing a good pair of steel toed boots.


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