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Are Cheap Work Boots a Good Deal?

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Are Cheap Work Boots a Good Deal? It's fairly common to find a pair of work boots that are significantly less expensive than the others offered for sale. When every pair runs $150-$300, finding something for $75 seems like a steal. But are you really getting a good deal, or are you getting exactly what you pay for? Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping:

Is it a reputable brand

If you work in an industry that requires work boots, you are already familiar with good quality manufacturers. Don't hesitate to ask questions when presented with a brand you haven't heard of. A good retailer will gladly answer your questions and help you decide.

How does the boot feel and look? 

Those who routinely wear boots know they should feel substantial and durable. If the leather feels thin and super-pliable or if the sole is soft, don't let the low price cloud your judgement.

Are you shopping at an outlet store? 

Company outlets sometimes have great deals but they can also utilize devious tactics. A relatively common practice is to sell inferior quality merchandise for a low price. Just because the "original price" is listed at $200 doesn't mean the product was ever priced that high. It may very well be that the "discount" price was the actual price all along.

Why is the price so low? 

If the boot is made by a reputable company and the price tag is 50-75% less than the MSRP, it may be that style is discontinued, the prime selling season is ending or the retailer is simply trying to unload merchandise. These are legitimate reasons for a sale. This is the time to get while the getting is good and walk away with a real deal on a great pair of boots.

Everyone loves a good deal, especially on a product that costs a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately, a low price doesn't always mean a bargain. Use common sense and the aforementioned tips to avoid walking away with bad pair of boots.


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