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Mining and mining boots, avoid injury with the right footwear.

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Miners are a tough breed

Miners and  mining boots; how the tough protect their feet.

Miners are a tough breed, their boots should be tough too.

Mining is one of the hardest industries out there, your safety equipment should protect against those dangers. This is not a career for the faint of heart, your mining boots need to be as tough as you are.

Mining boots.

A breed apart, mining boots need to be incredibly well-built, rugged and provide a stable platform for the miner dealing with all manner of job-site safety issues. They should also have arch support and comfortable inners for people who stand on their feet all day, sometimes up to twelve hours a day.

The main safety concerns for mining boots :

1-Uneven and unstable work surfaces.

While this may seem fairly innocuous, it isn't. Uneven work surfaces, rubble-filled walkways and hidden drop-offs cause more slips and falls in the mining industry than any other hazard. Often these dangers are unseen, when you cannot see the problem you are more likely to walk right into it. Boots with rigid and cleated soles can help the wearer avoid issues with broken walking surfaces. Superior insoles and padding will provide cushioning and flex in the instance of becoming unbalanced due to an uneven surface.

2-Falling objects, stones and equipment.

Mining is heavy-duty, as are the tools associated with it. Dropped tools are a frequent occurrence and they usually fall on feet. Steel toed boots are essential to the mining job, padded and protected uppers are important too. All kinds of things will fall on your feet as a miner, rocks, dropped tools, you might even get an incautious machine operator running over some feet. Your best defense is to come prepared with boots designed to take the beating while protecting your feet.

3-Chemicals associated with mining.

The last place a layperson might think of chemical usage is in a mining operation, but the truth is very different. All manner of chemicals are used in the mining industry, often those chemicals are accidentally splashed on the feet (and clothing) of the miner. Heavy duty boots with impervious uppers are essential against chemical (and other noxious fluid) spills. If your boots do get splashed, make sure to clean them well after work and let them dry out.

4-Standing in place for hours.

This speaks to the support and cushioning of the interior of your mining boot. If you are standing in one place for hours on end swinging a pick or operating a jackhammer, the load and pressures on your feet and back can be crippling. The better your boot is designed to support and cushion your feet, legs and back, the less risk you run of a serious injury.

Mining, good pay for dangerous work.

Mining is a dangerous and labor-intensive industry. Protect yourself with the right equipment: Boots, clothing, hardhat and other safety gear. The better care you take of your feet, legs and back, the less chance you have of sustaining serious injury. Your mining boots are the main line of defense against injury in a mine.


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