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​5 Tips on Extending the Life of Your Boots

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5 Tips On Extending The Life Of Your Boots
How to protect the gear that protects your feet.

Protect those boots

For those of us who work in environments that require solid and well-constructed  work boots, those boots represent a good investment in protective, comfortable footwear. To further the life of that investment, you need to take care of them. Just like any other valuable clothing, you want to extend the life of your work boots for as long as you can. When treated well, a high-quality work boot can last for several years.

Here are a 5 tips on extending the life of your boots:

1-A non-silicone based  water-repellent or stain repellent can be applied to the boots in order to keep out moisture and errant coffee spills. Excess water or fluids on your boots will cause the leather to shrink, harden and crack, reducing longevity of the material. It is best if you apply the water conditioner when the boots are new, and then regularly throughout the life of the boots.

2-Keep them clean on a regular basis. Whether tromping through mud, gunk or water, you need to keep the boots clean. Clean excess dirt and grime off the boots regularly (and outside of the house to keep the peace). It's best to do this when the boot has dried out completely.

3-Keep the soles clean too. Don't just focus on the uppers of the boots, take the time to clean out the soles too. Not just by knocking them against a hard surface either. When rocks and other things get lodged into the “waffle” of the boot tread, they can cause problems and break tread patterns.

4-Condition them. Whether leather or synthetic, there are products designed to be applied to the fabric of the boot in order to keep things supple. Without conditioning, boot fabric will harden and become brittle over time, increasing the chances of cracks and tears.

5-Store your valuable work boots inside the house. Weather extremes can affect your boots as much as work extremes. Keep your boots in a temperature controlled environment when not in use.

There are many ways to extend the life of your work footwear. We have listed five ways to set you on the right path toward a long relationship with your boots. Your boots deserve it.


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