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Top 7 Reasons to Wear Steel-Toe Work Boots

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They keep you safe on the job every day.

Steel toe work boots have become as common as the hard hat and work gloves on any job site. And for good reason, too. They're vital personal protective equipment (PPE) that helps keep you safer in an environment where the job has to go on but workplace hazards can't be eliminated.

If your job requires safety toe work boots along with other required PPE, you've got more reasons than ever to comply. Here are just a few of them.

#1: They Protect Your Feet From Falling Objects

What's up in the sky might not be a bird or a plane. It might be a falling object that's headed directly at your toes. Fortunately, steel toe work boots are there to save the day along with your appendages.

Steel toe work boots that meet ASTM standard test methods can resist as much as 2,500 pounds of pressure and impact. You're better off with them than without them.

#2: They're Much Better Looking than Old Fashioned Brogans

If you've seen pictures of the rugged, old high-top lace-up boots that construction workers used in the early 20th century, you've seen a pair of brogans. They weren't especially stylish or good looking. They were rough, rugged and meant only to serve as foot protection.

Fast forward to today, and steel toe work boots come in so many different styles that you might be surprised. The variety of styles that we carry at Bridgeport Boots means you can find a pair that suits not just the industry where you work, but also your personal taste. So long, brogans.

Safety boot construction makes standing on your feet less stressful.

#3: They're Actually Comfortable

Steel toe work boots are heavy, that's true. But they're also comfortable. Most safety boots have heavy soles, a spacious toe box and plenty of cushion and arch support inside. If you're on your feet all day, that's a plus.

For people who can't handle the additional weight of a steel toe, there's also a composite toe work boot. It doesn't offer quite as much protection as steel, but it's close.

#4: Steel Toes Offer Extra Slip-and-Fall Protection

You expect steel to stop a falling wrench, but what about protecting you in a slip-and-fall incident? It can do that, too.

The hard steel toe cap provides a protective barrier against injury to your toes if you trip or take a tumble. It's like wrapping them in body armor against whatever injury might befall your feet.

#5: Your Toes Can Stay Attached

Can we put the severed toe myth to rest? However it started, Mythbusters busted it back in 2005. Steel toe work boots do not put the wearer at risk of amputation. And going without steel toes virtually guarantees that they'll be crushed or amputated with the right amount of impact.

You can keep your toes right where you're accustomed to seeing them and not incur any additional danger from wearing safety work boots. Adam and Jamie promise.

#6: Guard Against Snake Bites

Here's an interesting benefit. Steel toes protect against snake bites. It doesn't matter how fierce the attacker or sharp the fangs, they won't penetrate steel.

Many job sites aren't inside a building, but outside where all manner of ill-tempered animals might come along. Snakes are a serious risk in most areas when the weather is warm, and in some areas all year long. Wear safety boots and give the snake a toothache instead.

#7: OSHA Says So

OSHA regulations, which are continually improving, were instituted to ensure a safer work environment. They also give guidelines for PPE that guards against hazards that can't be eliminated. Steel toe work boots are PPE.

Abiding by OSHA regulations doesn't just keep you out of trouble. It's good for your health.

Staying safe on the job comes on many different levels. You can eliminate and minimize hazards throughout the site, but one thing is always there. Humans are accident-prone by nature. We seem to invent new and creative ways to damage ourselves. With the right PPE, accidents are much less likely to end in an E.R. visit and a worker's compensation claim.

It's not a matter of whether you should wear them, but which boots you'll pick. If one pair isn't comfortable, there are plenty of others to try out before you find the perfect pair.

Steel toe boots aren't just for safety anymore;  
they look good while they protect.  
Check out our variety of steel toe boots today!


Steel toe boots aren't just for safety anymore; they look great, too!

Check out these great styles for a great price.


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